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Your patience will be your sword, and your silence will be your shield. 

– Hilkati Sherif

Life is so sweet… only if we release

from holding onto ideas and let

ourselves flow with life, it gets into perfection.

– Lilah

Close the door of words
that the window of your heart may open.
To see what cannot be seen
turn your eyes inward
and listen, in silence.

~ Rumi


The wonderful thing is that the soul

already knows to some extent that

there is something behind the veil,

the veil of perplexity, that there is

something to be sought for in the

highest spheres of life, that there is

some beauty to be seen, that there

is someone to be known who is


– Hazrat Inayat Khan

I was born


all i once feared

i could love

-Rabia of basara