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yoga-lilah / Blog

Practice Practice Practice

"Practice Practice Practice and all is coming," says the yoga masters, It means, continue, don't stop. For doing that, you have to have trust in the path and the masters that brought you to this...

What Service means

Service is a very important thing that we barely understand. Service to others needs to be a complete devotional act. When we are doing so in the experience itself we will understand, do we...

Creating your balance

The concept of finding your balance is quite simple. Just as your life experiences show that when you are out there in the sun, you enjoy the sun but there is a certain moment that...

Yoga = Unity

Yoga means unity, and it shows us how everything gets connected. The only question is; do we see "all inclusive"? Many people they think they live in unity, peace and harmony, but when it comes to...

Being friendly with life  

Respect for all beings  Being friendly with other beings is a nice thing, not because you have to be nice to all of the people, but because you understand this creation is a part of you. Things...