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From Our Gallery

I’m teaching Yoga for 20 years. I’ve been a student of yoga since 1997, I studied for 9 years Raja Yoga along with martial arts, Karate, and did my first yoga training course in 2002 at the academic college Wingat, I immediately started teaching.

In 2006 I studied an Ashtanga Yoga teacher training course with Shimon Ben-Avi, a yoga teacher and philosopher, a late student of Pattabhi Jois and John Scott. When at 2008 I earned the 600-hour teaching certificate of the IYTA and I continued for another two years being an assistant on the following teacher training course for another two years (additional 600-hour assisting-teaching certificate). While doing my assisting I proceeded into an advanced teacher’s training course; focused on the advanced series of the Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa and the unusual scriptures of the Yoga tradition. (additional 300 hr certification).

Mindful Healing- Yoga Sensitive to Trauma

I studied a course of Yoga Sensitive to Trauma. Yoga sensitive to trauma has special tools to release trauma from the body, setting and creating a space for healing and supports people that experienced trauma in their lives. This sessions can be private or in groups sessions.

Numerology Consultations

I’ve been studying 2 years Numerology and now giving Numerology Consultations, transforming issues and behaviours that limits us and subconsciously-automatically working within us. The Numerology helps us to see things clearly and gives us direct tools to solve issues and bring them up to light and right balance. This sessions are very helpful for self growth or creating harmony of men women relationships, kids & parents or family unite.

The Sacred Flame of The Ilahi

Teaching Turkish ilahi singing. The words of God put into poetry.

Witnessing the love and frequency of sufis melodies and expressions.

Other studdings

Yoga-Kinesiology, Sufism in Turkey, the Sufi whirling meditation.


Dedicated to Turkish Ilahis for the past 12 years;

I studied 2 years with Harel Shachal’s Sufi Orchestra – Turkish Ilahis, classics, and traditional ottoman music.

made 1 year at Rimon school – composing/singing along psychoacoustics & sound.

Singing of the roots course; releasing the true voice of your soul.

Traditional Indian singing with Osnat Elkabir and frame drum classes with Zohar Fresco.