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Information Or Transformation

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Information Or Transformation

According to the yoga tradition there’s a lot to learn on the deepness of the yoga tradition.

Needs to be aware that its not about collecting more knowledge but diving in to get to know yourself, and free yourself from blocking yourself from being in unity in life or in higher understanding of life and who you are really. Learning knowledge in order to talk or to be heard will be a cover, learning yoga to be able to sound well will be another cover, the journey of yoga is to uncover, layers and uncover your ego, from itself, its a deep process that needs a lot of care and awareness, to how I run my life. How do I run relationships around me.

As first step in the yoga tradition is ethics and then it goes on…the yoga tradition shows us that, even if you got already to deep experiences, special experiences even miracles, this is still just the beginning and suggest us to continue, cause from there there’s a lot of way still to go.

Its been said we can always fall back into our bad old habits even if we think we passed this or that and its all behind and far away. So the road is long and needs awakening, focus and caring and observation, mainly learning yourself will be the key to enter new realms and change what could be unchangeable, you’ll have to cut things open.

We should be happy when we see structures in our character even the ones we couldn’t believe that exist, even things you wouldn’t imagine that can exist inside you and can even makes us feel embarrassed, we should always be courage’s enough to see observe disgust, and encourage it to leave and let go, so we have to stay cool in what ever comes up.

Being patient is important as well to bear any process.

At the end as much as you invest is as much as you are going to reach. continuity in the practice is important!

Good luck to all of us. Namaste! Lilah…

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