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What Service means

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What Service means

Service is a very important thing that we barely understand. Service to others needs to be a complete devotional act. When we are doing so in the experience itself we will understand, do we really in service, and if we do we will understand many things that are beyond words. Something very pure can rise up from there. A source of a pure connection that words cannot tell. Service is a very big teacher for human beings. Mainly because we go beyond our separate self and see a bigger picture, the bigger picture should be wrapped with a soft presence of the loving universal one unlimited presence of God. And while you become the lover, you also become the beloved, some kind of exchange full of sweetness and connection. Where inside of it you can ride the waves of patience.

Murshid Sam sais:

-“Self-consciousness and self-thinking (manas) are the obstacles to knowledge. No doubt we must and should use our minds. But mental utilization apart from universal harmony is beneficial neither to oneself nor to the generality.” – (Murshid Samuel L. Lewis, appears in the picture above).

Yoga always shows us that the real truth is opposite from what is seen and lived in this world and as we speak about service, a servant seems to get a lower position now days in the world we live in. By mistake or not service needs to be understood deeply. At the right time and the right place, it’s like finding a jewel, a pearl in the wide sea.


  • Rona tzoref
    May 5, 2020 at 7:45 am

    So beautifully written, thank you Lilach of the hearts!

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