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Creating your balance

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Creating your balance

The concept of finding your balance is quite simple.

Just as your life experiences show that when you are out there in the sun, you enjoy the sun but there is a certain moment that you feel, oh I should go to the shade now, and you walk and sit in the shade. You create your balance without noticing it. Just how you know when you cook, if you spilled too much salt, you know it’s too much by taste, and then you try to balance it, and when the season just changed and you didn’t take enough warm clothes and you say to yourself, “I should have”, is where you know you would balanced it, we live it all the time, we sense it withought realizing we do. So along our day we create our balance all the time (hopefully).

In our yoga practice it should be just the same, you feel and sense your balance when you practice, you listen carefully to your body, you sense yourself; you serve your body, so if you need to rest, rest, and if you need just a soft backbend today, make a soft backbend and no more then that.

You should follow your body and always feel free to move in the way that feels right and good for you.

Sense and listen to yourself, keep the highest harmony you can and connect to your joyful heart.




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