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The health benefits of Asana practice

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The health benefits of Asana practice

Asana practice is a way of allowing our consciousness to reach a deeper dimension in us.

With the Asana practice we gain flexibility, strength, and a better health and abilities.

It benefits us with discipline, purity of the heart and the mind and a bit of clarity about our essence.

The Asana practice is an allowing and listening process, it is flowing with what there is in this very moment. A process of unifying your body mind and spirit and dwelling in your beautiful you.

All this happens by bringing the potential of Asana practice into it’s best by leading yourself by your breath, by following the sound of your breath you increase your concentration and energetic connection and awareness.

The practice brings a joyful feeling inside of you that comes from being fully balanced and connected.

Although you reach physical and mental balance in the Asana practice. The integration of Asana and breath with living the way of life of the yoga together is something that leads you to purity and real stability in life.

Because on a deeper level we have fears in our lives,  if we have the clarity to see it, “I have a fear”, “an emotion that wants to move out through me”, that needs to be expressed, if we have that clarity we can just express this emotional movement, and let it move through us and leave. The clarity and balance of body and mind helps us to be cured and released, so the Asana and Pranayama (breathing technics) are keeping for us also a fresh foundation and awareness to work with our emotional states.

Our emotional states basically creates our lives.

So the benefits of Asana are many and healthy, but also a great foundation for running our life better and moving beyond all obstacles.


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