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Yoga = Unity

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Yoga = Unity

Yoga means unity, and it shows us how everything gets connected.

The only question is; do we see “all inclusive”?

Many people they think they live in unity, peace and harmony, but when it comes to a group of people or a person, they don’t see the unity anymore, cause they like this group but not that group and so it goes.

As for the yoga philosophy, it shows us Raga and Dvesha, Raga means what I like, what I want more of, Dvesha means what I don’t like and therefore what I want to push away from me. The yoga tradition is telling us: don’t like and dislike, stay out of this game and go beyond it so you can gain great stability.

Whatever comes to you, comes so you can expand.

Even your difficulties are here to help you grow up towards maturity.

The known poet Rumi said: “If you see other people faults you will not be able to see the unseen”.

Acceptance and compassion to others and yourself at all times creates oneness creates unity.

Those times that you accept, it’s because you see when your eyes are open.

Because you see that in the game of liking and disliking there is no balance nor stability.

Accept fully, and you will gain the foundation of growth.


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