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You are not big or small you are part of the whole

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You are not big or small you are part of the whole

Living our life, thinking that everything we need to do in this life here is originated in our power is a mistake because we are part of something bigger, which is the source of everything and existed all time and before time.

We are being supported by this force. Only if we give it space in our life. Space and honor.

If we were to run this life only by ourselves and to take decisions only by ourselves, sooner or later, we would learn this, that truly, to a human being, the life cant end in self-decisions, and self-managing.

In the Yoga tradition in the Bhagavad Gitta, it says, that a human being should work or do whatever he/she does, without looking into the fruit of his/her actions, means, not expecting for results, any known results. But we already trained many years to expect for known results.

Can we as human beings have the power not to expect? means to do our actions in life, without expecting for return or result we have in mind?

If we work, out of none expectations, it’s as if we are doing service isn’t it?

If we are work with expectations in our minds, it means we try to shape the reality accordingly, means, we try to shape the results according to what? according to our limited mind and our set of memories and models.

But the yoga tradition emphasizes it clear, maybe not only because we might limit the results of actions, but maybe because if we “think” I am the source, I’m not only limiting the results but I’m also thinking that the results came from me and because of me. As if I run my world around me, my I-ness does, as if this is all that exists, and the ruler is I.

Running life according to “my” expectations is also hard because if it doesn’t work the way “I” expected, it will be experienced as pain and suffering.

The Yoga tradition mentions this point for us to understand our source of sufferings, the-Iness, the limited “I” that we all experience as a “separated world”.

Moving and opening up to a big source and force that runs this life and I am a part of it, it directs me and it works with me and I shall let its space and value exist in my life, and recognize this force is working with everything that exists, and we are all a big net and parts of this one, the yoga tradition might call it God or divine force, with divine rules, Dharma, and it all works together nicely, if you just move a bit aside.

The Yoga tradition always said that; the biggest suffering of the human being is, that he doesn’t know who he is, he is in Avidya, in Sanskrit, it means; ignorance or none knowing.

And therefore until he will know, and gain this knowledge, he will continue to suffer.

All the Bhagavad Gita is full with this divine message, for us to learn this truth. Learning this truth is not by understanding a concept in the mind but to live it, in our own experience, means to change in our day to day lives the concept of our “Doer”. The understanding of creation and results in the hands of who.

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