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How transformation happens

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How transformation happens

The Yoga tradition is a way of life, a way of living…

Although the Yoga tradition in the west emphasizes the postures (the Asana practice), it is just a small part of the Yoga tradition.

Yoga is a whole way of life that touches all dimensions in life and as such, and as a daily practice, it leads to self-knowledge through self-experience and self-transformation.

The word Yoga means Unity, the two that becomes one…or the multiple that becomes one. The value of relationships, the value of harmony with the divine, with others, and with everything that exists.

So Although it may seem sometimes like a self-experience of awareness, It is happening with others too, life is to be lived together and manifest this growing together, cause there is no one but The One who contains many.

Practicing yoga daily is a choice you make every day when you open your eyes in the morning.

The foundation of the yoga practice appears at the Yama and Niyama practices;

Yama: (The ethics with relation to others): Ahimsa; non-harming. Satya; truthfulness. Asteya; non-stealing. Brahmacharya; unity. Aparigraha; generosity; the virtue of non-possessiveness, non-grasping, or non-greediness.

Niyama: (The ethics with relation to you): Saucha; purity. Santosha; contentment. Tapas; discipline. Svadyaya; self-study. Ishvara Pranidhana; Surrender to the way the path or your teacher.

When we pay attention to this foundation, we will soon realize the transformative taste that rises up in following this system, this is a necessity also to our physical yoga practice since it changes our whole lives, our energy, and our states.



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