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Being friendly with life  

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Being friendly with life  

Respect for all beings 

Being friendly with other beings is a nice thing, not because you have to be nice to all of the people, but because you understand this creation is a part of you.

Things that looks “bad” or “negative” are a part of this world. A creation we cannot understand the size and wonder of it while everything exists within it.

Try to be in contentment with everything around because it brings you more joy and maturity, even, become friendly with your pain and see how it passes faster. The experiences that comes to you are not coming by mistake to you.

It arrives because you need it, you need to learn something from it about yourself, otherwise, why should it come at all?

You are in this world to learn who you are and what is your true nature the yoga says.

And to learn this knowledge for real, you better start looking first, at everything and everyone around you as a whole one creation.

We are all one.

When you start seeing it like this, you see the whole as part of you.

Then you can also realize the meaning of Ahimsa – in Sanskrit = none harming.

Keep creating the harmony between you and others, because they are part of you, and your actions affects your energy and your atmosphere.

This deep understanding brings great peace.

Also the yoga tradition says that you should be aware to the energy of people around you the ones you are living and spending time with, because it affects your energy too.

So accept the whole and choose your friends well.

It has been always relationships that teaches us something about ourselves.

And when you learn it you got the lesson you pass the test, and then you move on.

Never complain or try to understand why things are happening as they are, you can but it will not bring any fruit.

It is Better to be in acceptance inside of you and bring positive energy from yourself.

Remember the divine (the bigger) picture. Look at everything as part of the divine one.

The Bhagavad Gita is telling us:

(12.2): The Blessed divine god said: “Those who remember me daily, everywhere and every time, and always engage with me with devotion to me, with loyalty; complete faithfulness, and dedication, I see them as the best yogis.”

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